Jason Kay MCIPS.

Having worked in procurement and supply chain for most of my professional career, I have been lucky enough to experience a wide range of approaches in many different sectors. This has allowed me to use this diverse experience to deliver best practice across a number of very different organisations.

The formation of Procureme Limited now allows me to use my experience to deliver direct benefits to your organisation or to coach and train your existing staff to deliver more benefit for you.

Procureme offer a no nonsense approach with clear strategies that are designed to deliver benefits and not to “baffle you with science”. Unless you specifically ask for it I will not give you 20 pages of methods, formulas and analytics, but I will give you real world guidance and advice based on experience, common sense and previous results.

I am mechanically biased, and have worked in a number of manufacturing businesses in operational roles and procurement. Additionally my public sector experience in both the Further/Higher education and Social Housing sectors gives me a unique mixture of experience that delivers exceptional results.

Procureme take procurement very seriously and I am a great believer that good procurement is not a cost to your business, but will deliver benefits to your bottom line.

Procurement is a balance of ensuring best value and reducing/minimising risks. The greatest returns are delivered through looking at the “big picture” and focusing on total cost of ownership rather than just concentrating on the “price” of an item or service.

There are a number of risks which businesses are exposed to on a daily basis, and one of the worst of these risks is fraud. The consequences of fraudulent activity are not only financial and can have a devastating effect on your reputation. I have unfortunately witnessed this on more than one occasion, having carried out a number of investigations to determine the depth and detail of the fraud and to recover monies from third parties. My inquiring mind is an absolute asset when organisations need to uncover the facts behind a potential fraud.

It is unfortunately true that fraud is much more common than most of us would like to admit. I am however in a strong position to help you reduce this risk, and to help you recover from it should the worst case scenario be identified.

Being passionate about procurement led me to being involved in the re-launch of the CIPS Humber Branch several years ago , and held the position of Branch Chair for 3 years. The primary role of the branch is to bring everyone involved in procurement together, and provide both networking and continuous professional development opportunities.

Jason Kay MCIPS