• Tender Management.

    ProcureMe are experienced in the preparation of, and the management of simple and complex tender and quote request procedures in both the Public & Private Sectors.

    Do you have a backlog of contracts that need renewing?

    Do you need some independent support/viewpoint?

    Let us add value and reduce risk for your organisation.

  • Bid Writing Support.

    Bid writing can be a time consuming, frustrating and complex activity with little reward.

    Are you constantly writing bids an winning very little?

    Do you need support bidding for public sector work?

    Would you like to know what a buyer thinks of your bid before you submit it?

    We can review your bid for as little as £250 and provide you with valuable feedback.

  • Fraud Investigation and Risk Reduction.

    Do you want to make sure the risk of fraud in your organisation is minimised?

    Are you suspicious of practices with certain suppliers?

    Do you need to investigate a procurement fraud?

    We have experience, and guarantee total confidentiality.

  • Training.

    We can provide procurement training in groups or on a 1-2-1 basis.

    Do you need to make your budget holders more aware of red flags?

    Are you a public sector body who should be following the Public Contracts Regulations 2015?

    Are the staff spending your money not trained in procurement?

  • Procurement Strategy Development.

    Is your procurement all over the place?

    Do you need to save money?

    Have you got a supply problem?

    Why not let us assess your current operation and develop a strategy to allow you to improve your procurement activities in a way that matches your overall business strategy.

  • Interim Management and Support.

    We can provide interim management & support from half a day.

    Are you a smaller business who cannot justify employing a procurement member of staff but really needs some help?

    Why not let us come in and start looking at ways for you to get better value from the money you spend?

    Good procurement nearly always delivers more than it costs.